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Case Studies

Case Studie

Mr & Mrs Stanney
3.99 kWp System
South Facing
ERA Solar Black Panels
Ever-Solar TL4000
Annual Output – 3326.06 kWh
Annual Benefit - £1701.26

Mr & Mrs Stanney were interested in Solar PV as they have high electricity usage. Mr & Mrs Stanney decided that they wanted a solution to the dreaded electricity bills and decided that Solar PV was the perfect answer, with Mr Stanney having a roof to equip a south facing 20 panel system this was the perfect opportunity for them.

After Mr Stanney came across one of our in store demonstrators in Leyland Morrison, he decided to have a free, no obligation quote. After one of our technical engineers surveyed Mr and Mrs Stanney's House, we provided them with a range of system sizes and prices that where applicable to them.

Mr & Mrs Stanney were extremely happy about this as they had different options to choose from to suit their requirements.

After Mr & Mrs Stanney had numerous quotes from different companies, none of them could beat our price, not only was we giving Mr Stanney the best price, his payback period was reduced and he was going to get a better return for his money.

Mr & Mrs Stanney decided to go with a 3.99 kWp (20 panels), this system gives Mr & Mrs Stanney an annual return of £1701.26 which overall gives a total payback of £42,525.00

Mr & Mrs Stanney were very happy with their installation and said 'LDG Solar is a very reliable company and they would definitely recommend us to anybody that wish to have a solar installation'

(a) Installation date 22/11/11

(b) FIT Rate 43p