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The Benefits of Solar power

There are many benefits to using solar power. Some of these benefits are more obvious than others but each one is an important factor.

Solar energy is a renewable, sustainable energy which means it will never run out. It is a natural source of power and can provide energy for many daily requirements from heating water, lighting our homes and even refueling vehicles. The creation of energy via PV Solar Panels is silent and requires very little maintenance. Not only this, the majority of solar panels are placed on top of the roofs of buildings and therefore require no extra space and have little impact on the aesthetics of a building.

The production and use of Solar Energy does not produce any CO2 emissions which hugely reduces our carbon footprint and our impact on the environment.

Many governments around the world offer huge incentives to install solar panels. The UK government has the Feed in Tariff and Export Tariff which pays for any unused electricity that is generated, not used and exported back to the National Grid. Generating power via PV Solar Panels removes the need to rely on Electricity companies and therefore excludes those generating their own power from the ever-increasing energy price increases we are currently experiencing.

The ever increasing advancements in technology used to create solar power are making PV Solar Panels a much more cost-effective way of producing energy and contrary to popular belief, PV Solar Panels do not need direct sunlight to operate, but just daylight, therefore they can produce energy during daylight hours, 365 days of the year, regardless of where you live.