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Why Solar?

Many of us know that solar energy is good but not many of us fully understand why this is and the full benefits of solar power.

With more and more of us pledging to help look after the planet, using solar power is a great place to start. Solar power is environmentally friendly, clean, and sustainable and, unlike oil, coal and gas, is renewable. Because solar power does no use any fuel, there is not need for the high costs of transportation or storage of the energy.

Solar power does not pollute the air by releasing carbon dioxide like many forms of energy and therefore reduces our carbon footprint.

Solar power can also save you money. Once the initial investment has been recovered, energy sourced from the sun is free and not only this; it can earn you money through the governments feed in tariff. You will also benefit from reduced electricity bills and, unlike other forms of fuel, solar power does not fall foul of supply and demand which has seen the price of oil reach record heights in recent years.

Solar energy systems do not need to be connected to the national grid and coupled together with the fact that a solar panel system has no moving parts and runs silently, it makes them a perfect solution for those remote out of the way locations.

Running a solar energy system requires very little maintenance and has no recurring costs. With systems lasting over 20 years they are a worthwhile investment.